Useful Features: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Blood Pressure

The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes along with a variety of impressive features. These features have heavily contributed towards its popularity among people out there in the world as well. For the amount you pay, you will be able to get an exceptional collection of features. Among those features, the active blood pressure feature has received a lot of attention.

How To Monitor Blood Pressure On Your Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Any person who owns the latest Samsung Galaxy watch will be able to use the device and take an accurate reading of blood pressure. After trying this feature, you will come across the need to understand how Samsung Galaxy Watch Blood Pressure feature works.

Useful Features: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Blood Pressure

If you take a look at the sensors available with Samsung Galaxy watch, you will notice that there is an optical photo plethysmography sensor. This sensor is also called as the PPG sensor, and it is located in close proximity to the heart rate sensor. It has the ability to figure out the changes in blood volume within your microvascular tissue bed.

The photo plethysmography sensor is powered up with optical technology. In other words, it uses flashing LEDs to determine the blood pressure. Samsung introduced this feature with their Galaxy S9 smartphone as well.

You don’t need to worry too much about the Samsung watch blood pressure readings that you get. That’s because the PPG sensor is in a position to provide results with a decent level of accuracy. However, you need to calibrate the sensor first, so that you can rely on the readings that are offered to you. This calibration would introduce the scale, which can effectively monitor the ups and downs of your blood pressure level. Otherwise, you will not be able to gain the maximum out of this feature.

Useful Features: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Blood Pressure

You should also keep in mind that the smart watch with blood pressure can provide you with changes in the blood pressure. There are some factors, which can create an effect on the readings hat you get. For example, the thickness of your skin can create an impact on the readings that you can get. Therefore, you should mainly treat that as a nice to have feature. In other words, you should never 100% rely on this feature, like you do with a traditional blood pressure reading taken by a healthcare professional.

Why Has Samsung Introduced A Blood Pressure Reading Sensor?

The Samsung Galaxy watch blood pressure comes along with this sensor because measuring the blood pressure is the latest health metric to be introduced in smart watches. It is possible to find heart rate tracking features already being built-into the smartwatch. Now what we are lacking is the blood pressure readings. Samsung has done a great job by introducing this feature.

The Samsung Galaxy smart watch with blood pressure will initially be available for the people in selected countries, including US, Canada, Germany, Singapore and Australia.