Samsung Smartwatch Review: Samsung Gear S2

With the release of the Gear S2, Samsung has proven that they have learned a great deal from past successes and failures. It is more wear-resistant than previous attempts, looks good, and is very comfortable. More importantly, the updated Tizen OS has been perfectly adapted to the smartwatch screen, which is probably the best user interface I have seen on smartwatches, taking advantage of the tactile rotating bezel.

Gear S2 runs Samsung’s operating system Tizen, not the popular Android Wear. The experience it provides is intuitive and fun, and it’s important to point out that if the watch is running Android, the watch’s rotating bezel will not be useful. S2’s dual-core processor runs Tizen perfectly, and we can say that the experience is actually smoother than what you find on Android Wear.

Two Released Models

Gear S2 comes in two different versions, Classic and Standard. The difference between the two versions is purely aesthetic; the Samsung Gear S2 Classic features a smooth steel body and raised dial, slightly thinner and lighter, while the standard S2 watch features a matte steel body and a smooth dial. Slightly thick and heavy. Which one you prefer depends on your personal preference, but we will say that the classic is more like a dress watch, and the standard is more like a sports watch. But no matter which one is your imagination, if you are looking for a smartwatch that makes a statement, then the Samsung Gear S2 is nothing but remarkable.

Samsung Smartwatch Review: Samsung Gear S2

Application and User Interface

There is also the Gear S2, which has a stylish rotating bezel that is both fun and intuitive to use as an iPod’s rotating bezel. In use, the rotating bezel dominates the user experience. Rotate it and you can quickly access the app, including fitness, weather, calendar, music, remote, and heart rate. This is a very cool way to navigate your watch. Safe to say. that it is one of the most user-friendly and addicting features. Once you’ve used it, you’ll start to try to rotate the borders on other watches because it’s really intuitive.

There are accelerometers, gyroscopes, heart rate sensors, ambient light sensors, and barometers. Gear S2 will track your fitness status, just like the best fitness watch. According to Samsung, you will get about 2 days of battery life from the 250mAh capacity.

Build Quality

The Gear S2 is always impressed with its construction quality. The classic stainless steel case is uniform, and the standard model matte steel case makes it feel more durable. IP68 certified, both models of the Gear S2 are dust and water resistant, and the water depth is more than 1.5 meters; so they are both stylish and practical. And they are not as bulky as they are; the Classic has a 40 mm case and the standard case has a 42 mm case. Both models feature a 1.2-inch round Super AMOLED display protected by Gorilla Glass 3. The display has a pixel density of 326 ppm, the same panel on a Samsung smartphone, with popular colors, text, and apps that look great.