Samsung Smartwatch Review: Samsung Gear S2 Rose Gold and Platinum

Samsung Gear is one of the most popular smartwatches that you can find out there in the market. The features that came along with this smartphone have impressed the buyers. However, there were few people, who had the intention of enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal offered by this smartwatch. They were looking forward to get the smartwatch in impressive colors, such as rose gold and platinum.

Samsung recently announced that the Gear S2 smartwatch will be available for purchase in these two colors. This is really a good news for the people who are looking forward to get their hands on the smartwatch. It is expected that these two colors of the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch would boost its sales and take it to the next level.

Samsung Smartwatch Review: Samsung Gear S2 Rose Gold and Platinum

There were only few smartwatches that were available in classic rose gold and platinum colors. However, people were a bit hesitant to go ahead with those smartwatches. That’s because the features of those smartwatches were limited. That’s where the Samsung Gear S2 – classic rose gold and S2 platinum watches are expected to create a massive impact in the market.

The Gold and Platinum Versions of Gear S2

The two watches are being branded as Gear S2 Rose Gold and Gear S2 Platinum. Along with these watches, you will either be able to get an 18-carat rose gold plated case or a case that is plated with platinum. This will be a solid case and you will be able to get a premium experience out of it. On the other hand, Samsung confirms that you don’t need to spend a fortune to purchase this new device as well.

Samsung Smartwatch Review: Samsung Gear S2 Rose Gold and Platinum

If you compare the cost of these smartwatches with the most expensive Apple watch models, you will be able to notice obvious cost savings. Therefore, a person who is willing to purchase a premium watch at a premium price will be able to go ahead with this.

The Features of S2

It is also important to leave a note on the premium features that come along with the Samsung S2 watches. They come along with a 1.2 inch circular display with AMOLED. In addition to that, you will be able to find a 1GHz processor. The screen resolution of the watch would be 360×360 pixels. You can get 4GB of internal storage out of this watch. In addition to that, there is a 250mAh battery as well. With this battery, you will be able to use the smartwatch for a period of up to 2 to 3 days. The fitness tracking capabilities that come along with this smartwatch are impressive as well. Therefore, you will be able to use it in a similar way to any other smartwatch, which you will be able to purchase from the market. On top of that, you will be able to get a luxurious look and feel as well.