Pebble Smartwatch Review: Pebble Steel

Smartwatches are becoming the hottest trend in today’s technology era. With the addition of most needy features and specifications, they are now considered as an essential product for oneself. Therefore, Pebble came out in the market to fulfill the needs of people with some sensational pieces of Pebble smartwatches. Pebble is one of the most popular, renowned, and prestigious smartwatch companies in the international market.

Their first smartwatch arrived in the market back in the year 2013 due to which they got a huge fan following because of various features. From then to now, they are paving the ways and making this world full of technology essentials. Pebble Steel is one of their marvelous products from the category of smartwatches. It was released in 2014. Some of the features, pros, and cons are discussed here in this content. If you want to buy pebble smartwatches, then it is essential for you to read this article first.

Pebble Steel

The features of Pebble Steel:

The Pebble Steel is a remarkable addition in the category of smartwatches that are winning the hearts of millions of people with its quality features. This smartwatch has a monochrome LCD of 1.26 inches with a screen resolution of 144 X 168 pixels. With an e-paper display, you can watch all the things in a clear and full quality graphical way. On the other hand, the angle and light sensors are also present in this pebble smartwatch. With the help of Bluetooth, you can transfer your data from one platform to another with ease.

Like smartphones, the feature of vibration is also present in this smartwatch. When it comes to the buttons, then they are four in number. Three of them are present on the right side, while the remaining one is on the left side.

  • You can activate the backlight of LED with the button on the left side.
  • For moving up, you can use the top button on the right side.
  • For moving down, you can use the down button on the right side.
  • For selecting items on the smartwatch, you can press the middle button on the right side. 

When it comes to the battery section, then let me tell you, it is very powerful. The lithium-ion will work for seven days without the need for charging. It is best from the Pebble smartwatches.

High-performance of Pebble steel:

If you are willing to get information related to the performance of pebble steel, then read it from here. It works with android versions that are greater or equal to 2.3.3. While it also supports iOS 5 and higher. You can easily run this smartwatch on iPhone 4s, 5 and higher. With the help of e-paper display, you can use the LED backlight in the daytime.

On the other hand, it is a perfect choice for those who really want to read the notifications, call logs, and email notifications on the LCD. It will give you a user-friendly interface that will be your rock-favorite. You can buy pebble smartwatches in five different colors that are grey, red, arctic white, orange and jet black.