Movado Smartwatch Review: Movado Connect

Movado introduced the very first Android smartwatch offered by them. It is a great smartwatch, which comes along with an eye-catching design.

Features like edge to edge display have contributed heavily towards the overall popularity of the smartwatch. It is also brushed with stainless steel or aluminum. The iconic design that you can find in the Movado museum is reflected perfectly well by this smart watch. On the other hand, the Connects Dot is represented by the 12 o’ clock indicator of the smartwatch. The entire product is made out of pixels, instead of a crystal. This is one of the most popular designs that you can find among smartwatches available out there in the market as well.

As mentioned earlier, the edge-to-edge screen is one of the key factors, which have contributed towards the popularity of the Movado Connect watch. You can discover a massive black colored bezel in the Movado smart watch as well. This provides an elegant appearance and you will fall in love with what you see.

Movado Smartwatch Review: Movado Connect

The hands of the Movado Connect Watch are replicating the success of Movado Museum. If you are a fan of Movado, you will fall in love with these great features offered by the watch. You can discover a clean and a fresh industrial design in the overall product. You will be able to change the colors of the watch face, according to your preferences, while keeping the single dot near the 12 o’ clock indicator. All in all, the Movado smart watch can be considered as a lovely looking device available for your purchase in the market. You will definitely get impressed with what is offered through this smartwatch.

As of now, Movado has not published any specifications for the smartwatch. Nothing specific has been mentioned in the press release as well. Therefore, we will have to keep our fingers crossed and wait to see what they will be able to offer. In other words, it will take quite some time for us to figure out the RAM and CPU power offered by the smartwatch. But according to the rumors about Movado Connect Watch, it is believed that it will come along with 512MB of RAM and a 2100 processor. Therefore, you will be able to get a decent performance out of it.

We are sure for one thing, which is the Movado Smart Watch come along with Android Wear 2.0. This can provide the users with few different styles to go ahead with.

As per the pricing, Movado is marked at the $495 mark. You can purchase Movado Connect Amazon for this price tag. It is quite affordable when compared to the competitor products available in the market, such as Montblanc Summit and Tag Heuer Connected mobile. Therefore, you can keep your fingers crossed and wait until Movado smart watch gets released to the market.