motorola smartwatch

Motorola has been one of the prominent tech brands around the world. They produce some highly innovative products that are appreciated by many tech enthusiasts. When they launched their smartwatch, it was considered to be ahead of its time. The simple round-faced dial integrated with the Android Wear caught a lot of consumer’s attention who like the traditional round dialed watches. They have a very premium look to them which provide quality and exclusive features that blends in to make an amazing gadget. They use only the best materials like the Horween leather and Gorilla Glass. Here are a few factors of the smartwatch.

Moto 360

An exquisite piece with a classic round design that stays attached to the classic style that is combined with cutting edge technology and is powered with the Android Wear. The flagship smartwatch of Motorola; The Moto 360, maximizes display area while also providing levels of comforts while keeping the user briefed about their activities and the things that are being done around them.


This watch is only made with the best materials that are perfect for a modern-day watch enthusiast’s dream. The exterior of the case is made with the finest stainless steel is made with the world-renowned Horween leather to craft the watch that is fit for people to use in every day. Another amazing feature of the watch has is the Corning Gorilla glass technology to give you an amazing piece that is timeless.


The concept of uncertainty is eliminated when it comes to Moto 360. The user will get all the updates and will never miss anything that is scheduled. All of these can be granted by just one glance. The convenience of the watch powers to the fast-paced life.


You can easily command your device with this Moto 360. It makes the life easier through just voice controlling. The user only has to say “Ok Google” and you can send text message, get directions and schedule your meetings easily just with the convenience of your own voice.  


The watch has a built-in tracker, that tracks the heart rate, steps and the distance travelled by the user. The user can also track the calories burnt and the performance analysis and the guidance required by the user. this watch has no rivals and is unparallel to any other smartwatch out there. It has style and cutting-edge technology which sets it apart.