LG Smartwatch Review: LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R is the second smartwatch introduced by LG. This LG gear is a beautiful smartwatch with an elegant design, vibrant display and sports chronograph looking dial. LG has designed it in a way that it gives a look of both traditional classic design and a wearable smartwatch. It has an astounding look with a circular dial. It is powered by Android Wear OS.

A Visual Marvel

LG’s previous edition of their smartwatch did not receive good reviews for its design and style. With LG G Watch R, LG has tried to improve the design and came up with a better style. It is one of the most eye-catching and appealing smartwatches in the market. It has a bright, sharp and crisp visual display with 1.3-inch P-OLED screen with a 320×320 resolution. This variant gives you options to choose 13 different custom designed LG G Watch R faces.

LG Smartwatch Review: LG G Watch R

Timely Updates

LG G Watch R offers you plenty of reminders and updates. This includes weather conditions updates, traffic updates, TO-DO and schedule reminders. Without using your smartphone, a glance on your watch can update you whether it is going to rain or if it will be sunny weather. Also, knowing about your travel route, it can update you on possible traffic congestions. Moreover, your day to day activities and your schedules will also be shown to you by the watch to keep you aware of your important tasks.

Fitness Companion

Fitness features are the must-have features in any smartwatch today. LG G Watch R has a builtin PPG sensor which allows you to track your fitness efforts by monitoring your heart rate. It is a great fitness companion of yours and will provide you with insights on your progress while your workout. With this information, you can be aware of whether you are going on the right track or if you need improvements in your workout.