Huawei Smartwatch Review

If you are a person who wants to get a smartwatch, which is backed up with the luxury and innovation of Swiss watches, HUAWEI Watch is one of the best options available to consider. It is a beautiful smartwatch, which provides a large number of smart functionalities to the users. When you get the HUAWEI Watch stainless steel to your hand, you will be amazed by the beauty. The rounded display that you can see in the watch is stunning and it is well protected by the sapphire crystal.

Design and Features

The HUAWEI Watch has got a face, which measures 42mm in width. It is not a bulky watch and you will never come across any difficulties while you wear this smartwatch. On the other hand, the watch has got a case depth of about 11.3mm. This is one of the best constructed smartwatches available in the market for you to consider, in terms of quality and feel.

The HUAWEI Watch has got a rounded AMOLED display. The screen size of the smartwatch is 1.4 inches. It has got a high resolution display and you will be provided with an excellent experience by the content that you can see. Similar to the other smartwatches, which come along with a rounded design, you will not be able to see a black colored bar at the bottom of this smartwatch. It is one of the best looking smartwatches available for your purchase in the market as well. You will fall in love with the ultra-clean and modern look that it can provide to you.

Huawei Smartwatch Review

Android Wear

When you take out the HUAWEI Watch, you will have to go through a configuration process to start using. The HUAWEI Android watch can be customized according to your specific requirements during this process. Even though the HUAWEI Android Watch is powered up with Android operating system, you will not come across any issues when you are trying to connect it with iOS smartphones.

A variety of strap options are also provided to the people who use HUAWEI Watch. Out of them, the Huawei stainless steel strap has received a lot of attention. You can also purchase a rose gold plated version of the HUAWEI Watch at an extra price tag. All the extra straps available for the HUAWEI Watch are available for your purchase separately and you can simply go ahead and get them.

There are two new designs introduced to the HUAWEI Watch as well. These two designs are in a position to capture the attention of ladies and provide them with a perfect experience. You are also encouraged to take a look at those two options and make sure that you purchase the best Android device that is available for you to buy in the market. When you compare it along with the other Android smartwatches that you can buy from the market, you will definitely be impressed in the outstanding features that this product can offer to you.