Huawei Disney Kids Smartwatches

Kids love Disney. In fact, it is a dream of every child to visit the Disneyland. They also have lots of Disney toys. To impress such tech-savvy kids who love Disney, Huawei recently came up with a Disney Smartwatch. The Disney Smartwatch is specifically designed for all kids who have fallen in love with the Disney brand.

Disney Smartwatch Is Available In Four Unique Designs

It is possible for you to purchase the Disney Smartwatch for your child in four different designs. These four designs are available in four colors as well. The four designs are named as Frozen, Captain America, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. In the Mickey Mouse and Captain America watches, you will be able to get a plastic case. The strap is printed with all details. On the other hand, the Minnie Mouse and Frozen smartwatches come with a white colored case, where all details are printed in letters.

The Disney Smartwatch collection is specifically designed for the use of kids who are aged in between 4 years and 9 years. These watches are made out of silicone and plastic. In fact, the materials are not in a position to cause any allergies to kids who wear them. Therefore, any parent can think about purchasing a Disney Smartwatch for the little one without keeping a doubt or a second thought in mind. Another great reason to buy Disney Smartwatches is that they deliver a practical design for parents as well. In fact, parents will be able to get access to a range of security features, which they would love.

Security Features Offered By Disney Smartwatch

SOS button is the most impressive security feature that is offered by Disney Smartwatch. During an emergency, a kid can go ahead and press the SOS button. It will send a message to the mom or father. Along with the message, exact GPS coordinates of the kid will be sent as well. Hence, parents will find it as an easy task to track kids and where they go in real time.

Huawei Disney Kids Smartwatches

The Disney Smartwatch comes along with GSM connectivity as well. Therefore, it is possible to use the smartwatch as a phone number. A dedicated number will be assigned to it. The Disney Smartwatch comes with a decent battery life, which would last around 1.5 days while you use all features.

It is also possible to get a 1.3-inch AMOLED display with the Disney Smartwatch. It is more than enough for the kids who will be using this smartwatch. Moreover, it comes with IP55 rating for water-resistance. Therefore, your kids will not have to take any special measures to keep the smartwatch away from water damage.

It is possible to purchase Disney Smartwatch for around $100. The price tag is decent as well. Therefore, any parent who wants to purchase a Disney branded toy for the kids can go ahead and settle down with Disney Smartwatch.