Fossil Smartwatch Review: Q Neely and Q Jacqueline

The list of the female-specific smartwatches available in the market is not so big. Females prefer watches that are designed for slimmer and feminine wrists. Some time ago, there was an addition to this list with two amazing looking feminine hybrid watches, known as the Fossil Q Neely and Fossil Q Jacqueline

Fossil Q Neely and Fossil Q Jacqueline

Both these watches are one of the smallest smartwatches launched by Fossil with a 36mm case. These come with a user-replaceable coin-cell battery which has a battery life up to 6 months. Their straps are replaceable and you can swap it to achieve a different look.

Both the Fossil Q Neely and Fossil Q Jacqueline have the same sensors and features. Internal configurations of both the smartwatches are nearly identical. Both are capable to track your steps, distance and sleeping patterns. Moreover, you can check your smartphone notifications on the display with vibration and hand animations. Also, these have a vibrating alarm which will make sure that you wake up on time in the morning.

In total, there are three buttons on the right side of the case of both the watches. Through these buttons, you can use the available features and set up your watch. In Addition, another cool feature includes the camera shutter option to control the smartphone by pressing the button. Not only this, you can have control over the music and phone calls as well.

Fossil Smartwatch Review: Q Neely and Q Jacqueline

The Fossil came up with these smartwatches as one of their smallest smartwatches with a 36mm case. Plus, there are very slim as well. We can say that these perfectly designed for the feminine wrists. As far as the display is concerned, both have different faces. The Q Neely comes with standard flat indices and matte white dial. In comparison, the Q Jacqueline comes with roman indices and a textured outer ring on the dial. The available colours for the cases are rose gold and stainless steel with both the variants. The straps are interchangeable in both the models.


The release price for the Fossil Q Neely and Fossil Q Jacqueline was $155.00. On the current date, it is available for around $119 through the official Fossil website and authorized third party websites. Within this price tag, it is one of the best options available among the hybrid smartwatches available in the market.