XPLORA Smartwatch Review: XPLORA 3S Smartwatch for Kids

XPLORA is a Norwegian-based company which manufactures wearables. They introduced amazing GPS smartwatches for kids in the past. Their first-generation XPLORA watches were a great success. Continuing with the series, they unveiled XPLORA 3S smartwatch for kids at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) last year.

Since this smartwatch is especially for kids, it has a waterproof design with an IP67 Water resistance rating. So it has the capability to function even if it is submerged in water with depth up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

XPLORA Smartwatch Review: XPLORA 3S Smartwatch for Kids

XPLORA 3S is available with two colours of silicone strap, blue and pink. Both colours look good, keeping the kid’s choice in mind. The strap is also allergen free. Its water module is made up of durable plastic.

Moreover, it also comes with a built-in camera with which can capture selfies and photos. It also offers a Wi-Fi feature. In addition, XPLORA 3S has a SIM slot as well, which means that you can use the cellular network’s mobile data. You also have an option to buy the smartwatch with a SIM contract for 12 to 24 months, to use the mobile data at a good price.

Moving on, GPS is a must-have feature in the smartwatches. Hence, this device also has one. The GPS in XPLORA 3S allows you to set up a boundary on the map to make sure the kid remains within that area in the real time. In case, if the kid goes outside the boundary wearing this watch, you will get a notification. So, it serves a good purpose in making sure that the kid remains within the permissible area.

XPLORA Smartwatch Review: XPLORA 3S Smartwatch for Kids

All in all, it’s a cool and safe smartwatch for kids. It has a beautiful design and display. Plus, the battery life is also over 24 hours and up to 5 days on standby.

Pricing and availability:

XPLORA 3S is easily available for around 225 $ in the USA and for around 200 € in Europe. It is one of the top kid’s smartwatches available in the market. The design with available colours in this variant will certainly give a cool look on the wrist of the kids.