X-ONE H1 - The First Swiss-made Mechanical Smartwatch

Even though we live in the world of smartwatches, most of us still prefer to go ahead and wear classical mechanical watches. To overcome this complexion, you can think about purchasing a smartwatch, which looks like a mechanical watch. In other words, you need to get a mechanical watch, which comes along with smart features. That’s where X-ONE H1 comes into play.


X-ONE H1 can be considered as a Swiss made smartwatch. It is well-known for the functionality and elegance offered. The features available in the watch have not been compromised as well. On the other hand, you will be able to purchase the smartwatch for less than $800.

Features of X-ONE H1

The heart of X-ONE H1 is made out of a Swiss automatic caliber movement. It is paired along with a smart module to provide the range of smart features offered. The mechanical component of the smartwatch provides power needed to move the hands of the watch and to control the date function. On the other hand, the electronic module is responsible for powering up the display information that you can see on the dial.

Automatic movement of this watch is powered up by Sellita Caliber SW200. It is one of the most popular movements that you can see in Swiss watches. The movement comes along with a power-reserve of 38 long hours as well.

This mechanical smartwatch is fully manufactured within Switzerland. Therefore, you can expect all the Swiss quality standards to be present in it. The Swiss Made insignia can be found near the 6 o’ clock mark of the watch. The watch comes along with a scratch proof ceramic bezel. Moreover, you can also find a sapphire crystal and a machined stainless-steel case as well. All these can deliver a premium experience to the person who is wearing the watch.


This Swiss watch is a feature packed product. You will be impressed by the range of features that come along with it. For example, it is possible to find a pedometer, GMT timing, perpetual calendar, text and call notifications, alarm clock, music control, lost phone function and stopwatch function as well. As a result, you will be able to make your day to day life a lot easy with the assistance of this watch. On top of these features, X-ONE H1 can flash Morse Code notifications on the display. If you are a person who can read Morse Codes, you are encouraged to go ahead and buy this watch.

Pricing And Availability of X-ONE H1

X-ONE H1 started as a Kickstarter fundraising program. It was able to raise funds in a successful node. Now you will be able to purchase the X-ONE H1 watch for a price of $750. If you want to get the model with DLC coating and ceramic bezel, you will have to pay extra $240. Depending on the requirements, you can go ahead and buy any of the variants.