Verizon Smartwatch Review: Verizon GizmoWatch for Kids

The development experience in various aspects of human lives has seen a lot of groundbreakings, innovative and modern gadget embraced, particularly in the technological world. This advancement ensures humans benefit from the introduction of more sophisticated technologies like Rockets, Airplane, smartphones, and smartwatches among others.

Smartwatches remain one of the benefits of new age technology due it multi-function and features to improve the lives of all individuals irrespective of the age gap. The Verizon GizmoWatch remains one of the best kid’s smartwatch available in the market as it boasts of premium quality features and technology.

Most parents search for the best wearable gadget for their kids with lots of features such as educative, security, communication, entertainment, batter life, health, high-quality materials, waterproof and durability to name a few. The Verizon Gizmo Watch with 4G LTE connectivity boast all features listed above while guaranteeing a reliable communication network for making and receiving calls and messages.

This in-built GPS connectivity watch allows parents to save up to 10 trusted contacts to ensure your kids also communicate with friends and family. While the GizmoHub app will enable parents to track their kid’s location at all time via smartphones and get alerted if the set safety perimeters are crossed, for those with compatibility worries, it works well with Android and iOS devices.

The smartwatch is simple to set up and use as it allows you to change ringtones, select themes, remotely turn off the device or safeguard your privacy by selecting a PIN via the GizmoHub application.

Verizon Smartwatch Review: Verizon GizmoWatch for Kids

The Gizmowatch remains one of the best entertaining and activities smartwatch available, and it ensures kids are healthy with various fitness goals and on-screen reminders, such as tracking steps. It also guarantees that kids are not bored through set fun like the voice changing mode, which allows kids to record themselves with a funny sound.

This smartwatch is very versatile, and it can be worn at the pool or during hike due to its durable waterproof design while remaining compatible with any standard 20 mm watch strap of your choice.

This smartwatch boast of 1.3-inch 240 x 240 AMOLED display screen and good battery life which last four days with moderate usage and 48-hours with GPS turned on. The availability of only two colour choices (blue and pink), can be fixed with swapping the straps with any 20 mm watch strap of your choice.

The Verizon GizmoWatch cost $179.99 both at physical stores and online market places such as Walmart and Amazon; you’ll also have the option of adding it to your existing Verizon plan for only $5 a month. The GizmoWatch smartwatch offers excellent value for its $179.99 price tag, and it is suitable for kids between 3years and 11years.

Though some believe it to be a bit pricey, it’s one I’d recommend for any parent planning to purchase a new smartwatch for their kids.