Ten Best Luxury Smartwatches for You

In the past few years, people used to have quartz, automatic, mechanical, and digital watches. Now with the progress and development in the line of technology, watchmakers have moved towards the watches with Bluetooth-connections. These watches replicate the all functions of a smartphone that are supposed to make our lives easier.

During the seventeenth century, timepieces have become the most popular devices. Watchmakers have gone through the path of long development to become what they are now. The element uses in the smartwatches uniquely combine the different functionality and fashions. In the early stages, people only used to have pocket watches. After the First World War, people accepted various hand variant. With time, wristwatches have become the most loveable object by the people.

Luxury smartwatches are beautiful and sometimes expensive. These smartwatches offer much more advanced functions than a simple time display. These smartwatches are like small smartphones on your wrist that provides portable media players, trackers, thermometers, speedometers, and GPS. Above all, these smartwatches often offer compass fitness tracker with the notifications of increase incoming and missed calls.

These luxury smartwatches are also decorated with diamonds and gold and represent the time in the most way. In this article, we have decided to serve the top 10 luxury smartwatches. Let’s have a brief look at them…

Top 10 luxury Smartwatches

Frederique Constant Horologica:

This Frederique Constant Horologica from GENEVE is at the top position in the list of top luxury smartwatches. This smartwatch is used for all purposes and intents. This variant from GENEVE has come up with the warranty of two years lifetime battery, the courtesy of Quartz movement of MMT-285 and stylish analogue dial. This luxury watch has a robust convex sapphire crystal that is protecting its analogue dials. This smartwatch is the reskinned version of very popular Alpina Horologica. With the feel of dressier on the overall watch, this Frederique Constant Horologica has Roman numerical printed on it.

Frederique Constant Horologica

The size of the case is 42 mm in men version that is smaller than the men version from Alpina. This luxury smartwatch variant is available in two different finishes. With the style of two different straps, this smartwatch has genuine leather bands.

Montblanc Summit Smartwatch:

Elegant and gracious, this smartwatch variant from Montblanc Summit Smartwatch is sophisticated and comes with advance technology. This smartwatch is powered by 2.0 Android Wear that is suitable with Android smartphones and iPhone. The great compatibility with execs, this Summit watch allows you to check your notifications in an instance. 

Montblanc Summit Smartwatch

This luxury smartwatch is pre-loaded with top rated traveling and regular fitness apps. The jet black dial of this luxury watch makes it more stylish. One can easily mix and match its interchangeable faces with rubber and smart leather straps. With the case of stainless steel, this Montblanc Summit Smartwatch has numbers printed on it.

Mondaine Helvetica:

The brand Mondaine is well-known for its stylish and iconic Swiss watches but the all variants of Helvetica are best with its Helvetica font. This variant is come up with different features compatible with various smartphones. With 44 mm analogue dial, this smartwatch is powered by MotionX. As compared to all the luxury smartwatches mention in this article, this handy-smartwatch has a most delicate and sleek design.

Mondaine Helvetica

 The case of this smartwatch is made up with stainless steel material and available in black and gold courtesy of iron plating.  This smartwatch is boasting with 2-year battery life and has two stylish dials. The dials are protected with the coating of anti-reflexive crystal sapphire and give you a perfect look.

Breitling Exospace:

With a fantastic name, this Breitling Exospace smartwatch lets someone enjoy distant and high horizons. This brand is famous for its distinctive styling and designing airplane watches. This is a new generation device whose case is made up of sapphire and titanium crystal. With advanced technology, this luxury smartwatch can show you instant messages and important emails.

Breitling Exospace

With its sleek design, this device can show you reminders from calendars. This is a particular airplane design that easily shows and collects flight data and other measures. This flying beauty is really expensive and cost someone $89,000.

Brikk Lux Watch Omni:

This is the number one and super luxury customized Apple watch. This smartwatch wears the name of Brikk Lux Watch Omni that comes with 18-carat gold case. The case and dial of this watch also contain a bunch of diamonds that gives this watch the most luxuries look. The strap of this smartwatch is also made up of diamonds that are enough to show its price.

Brikk Lux Watch Omni

With the sleek look and designing, this smartwatch has square shape dial and number print on it. With the style of handy-wear, this stylish smartwatch displays exact timing with two-year battery life.

Samsung Gear Rose Gold S2:

With the new version of Samsung Gear, this Rose Gold is a particular piece of kit. With the stainless steel case, this luxury smartwatch has 18 carats rose gold plated straps. This Gear Rose S2 is actually a nice and rose gold version with advanced technology. This luxury watch is compatible with different Android Wear and runs on the dual-core processor.

Samsung Gear Rose Gold S2

Samsung brand has also launched unique watches with rose gold edition. With 250 mAh battery life, this luxury smartwatch displays AMOLED with the resolution of 360*360 powers.

Hoptroff Atomic Wristwatch:

Hoptroff Atomic Wristwatch

This Hoptroff Atomic Wristwatch is also famous by the fashionable British Brand Watch. With the combination of unique and classical mechanics, this is a wonderful hybrid watch. With the luxury and connectivity, this Hoptroff Atomic Wristwatch is compatible and synchronized with any Android Wear and iPhone. The price of this masterpiece is really high, but you have to pay 25% of its sum as a reservation.

Apple Hermes Watch:

Apple Hermes Watch

This is the luxuries Parisian of Apple’s ultra-cool collaboration with famous fashion house Hermes. This is the series watch that offers multiple of leather crafted straps and exclusive Hermes watch face. This luxury watch is included in the set of 3 series watches from Hermes. Under the bonnet of this watch, this series 3 variant provide cellular connectivity that means you don’t have to carry your Android Wear and iPhone all the time with you. This luxury watch has multiple functionalities that allow you to send and receive text messages, your emails, manage fitness sessions and make calls.

Tag Connected Modular:

Tag Connected Modular

This watch is the perfect blend of modernity and traditionalism. This Tag Connected Modular Heuer 45 is masterfully combined and crafts the classic TAG with different cutting edge tech. With the gorgeous design, this luxury watch is weight free, feels chunky and screams its quality. As compared to many other smartwatches, you can even choose the body material, lugs, and bezel color according to your taste. This tech-wise Modular smartwatch is powered by Android Wear.

Michael Kors Access Collection:

Michael Kors Access Collection

This smartwatch line from Michael Kors Access Collection is exclusively powered by Android Wear. The men’s version of this watch appears in the black and dark brown stainless steel case. Michael Kors has put a considerable effort in the design of this smartwatch with the glamorous style.

These devices are geared towards the fashion-focused consumer and compatible with both Android Powered and iPhone smartphones. The band of this luxury watch is easily interchangeable and adjusts according to the style.