Time is one of the most important unit of measurement as it tells how old we grow, how quick we achieve our goals, how we plan our daily activities. Lots of things are stalk up to time because it enables us keep accurate record of past events and plan for future phenomena. 

The primary function of watch in past was just to tell time, but the introduction of a smart watch have revolutionized that. Parents in modern era use these smartwatches as a security apparatus to protect and keep their kids safe. These smart watches for kids are used to educate, entertain, develop and monitor the whereabouts of kids at all time, while some manufacturers include special function such as emergency features which allow for storing health information and/or parent contacts for health emergency and missing kids scenario.

Here are the features to looking out for when shopping for the best smartwatch for kids 2019 on Amazon or any other online store.

  • DESIGN: The design of a smartwatch plays a major role to determine if the kids will like it or not, it’s a known fact that many kids like to wear bright colored watches with smaller faces and shorter bands because they look smart and cool on them.
  • DURABILITY: Any device designated for kids must be indestructible, scratch-resistant and waterproof. Kids are not mature enough to maintain gadgets properly, therefore kids’ smart watches should be strong enough to withstand rough handling. 
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The safety of every kid is the priority of a good parent, this function allows for parental control and all time monitoring of the kids whereabouts or activities for smart watches that allow parental lock during school hours.

The GPS allows parent to pinpoint the location of their kids in real time, while SIM cards allow parents to communicate with them at all times. 

The Safety Zone feature helps to send alerts to parents when their kids leave a pre-defined area.

Remote Voice Monitor in some models allows parents to listen to the sound from microphones and camera to see what is happening with the child at that moment from your phone. 

All these functions are to ensure the safety of kids is not to be toyed with.

  • COMMUNICATION: This feature allows your kids to receive calls, notifications, and text messages right on their wrists, though communication can sometimes be limited to certain country or the area. New models of smartwatches for kids are equipped with GPS-tracker / GSM-module with refined positioning on Wi-Fi which gives advantages over location with poor GPS reception.
  • FITNESS / GAMES FEATURES: The best smart watch for kids should help improve the development of the kids in aspect like education, entertainment and health, it should be able to provide stats on basic daily activities such as heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned. 

These smartwatches eradicate boredom by providing fun and education games to help entertain kids and good multimedia to help create a fun-learning development. 

The above listed Features guided us to selecting the top 10 kid’s smartwatches in 2019 for you to consider.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

The VTech Kidizoom Plus is the best smartwatch for kids between age 5 and 9, this below $100 watch on Amazon is a fun device that will keep younger children occupied. This standalone smartwatch device is preloaded with 50 3D-effect choices digital and analogue watch faces for kids to choose from, while improving their learning experience through it “Fun Time Master” feature that enables kids to tell the time, record their own voice, use alarm clock, timer and stop watch functions.

The VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch Plus also allows kids to take photos and record videos and is available in three main colours – Cerise, Green and Blue. This durable device has been equipped with the battery life that lasts for 2 weeks, while failing to offer enough safety as it doesn’t come with GPS for those whose primary concern is their kid.

It is important to note that, though the VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch is not water resistant, it still remains one of the best smartwatch for fun in 2019.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

The Fitbit Ace is one of the best smart watches for kids when it comes to activities. This small wrist designed smartwatch is good for monitoring kids’ activities such as steps and sleep quality.

Fitbit Ace wirelessly sends stats to iOS and Android devices. It’s designed to motivate children to stay active by sending them gentle reminders to stay active at pre-determined intervals and rewarding them for reaching goals by sending them achievement badges and celebratory messages.

Fitbit Ace like The VTech Kidizoom cannot boast of GPS but compliments that with Fitbit Alta and simplified app that allows parental supervision. This waterproof watch comes with a battery pack that lasts for 5 days and can be easily purchased for less than $100 on Amazon.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

This Garmin kid’s smartwatch is the best budget choice you get your kids due to its overall functions. Garmin Vivofit JR 2 is the best on this list when it comes to durability and functions a whole year without the need to charge its battery.  

This watch also provides security functions, as its compatibility to parents’ smartphone through a free parent-controlled app allows parents monitor kids activities.

It can also be used to swim as its water resistant feature is one of the best in market. Stylish design of Garmin kid’s smartwatch allows for customizable screen and straps that are comfortable to wear at all time.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

The inclusion of Kidaily to this list is not only because it’s the best cheap Smartwatch for Kids but it also offers quality features with lots of advantages.

This is the first watch on the list with GPS and a micro USB connector, it also have the waterproof feature like the Garmin Vivofit, the GPS tracker updates parents where their kids are and notify them if they’ve crossed the safe zone.

This inexpensive smart watch is SIM-enabled and can be used to call kids and send voice messages, the SOS button feature can be used in case of emergency.

Kidaily also keeps kids occupied with lots of fun features such as the camera for shooting video and photos, puzzles, math games, and other educational games and applications.

Kidaily is the complete package to subscribe to as it incorporates all features and criteria for selecting the best kids smart watch with limited budget.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

GBD is a China made Smartwatch that offers lots of features ranging from GPS tracker, WI-FI, games, SIM card support, touch screen to SOS calls. 

Though this Smartwatch is only compatible with 2G SIM cards, it gives Parents the ability set the application lock for a specific time; ensuring kids are not distracted in school or during lessons.

GBD-GPS Tracker Kids Smartwatch like the Kidaily offers lots of function for limited price, features like phone book, low power alert, camera, flashlight and electronic fence are added advantages to the basic functions it already has.

This durable smartwatch is easy to clean and maintain for kids.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

LeapFrog LeapBand is one of the best kids’ smart watch in the market today, it offers parents with full control while allowing kids learn how to tell time and the importance of nutrition. 

This fun design gadget is pre-loaded with 50 activity challenges and Virtual pet to keep kids motivated, these features can be overridden by the parents during resting or learning periods.

Like the Kidaily this kid smart watch is also waterproof and tracks the activities of the kids at all time. The LeapFrog LeapBand is suitable for kids between the ages of 4 and 7 years old and it’s available in green, pink and blue color.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

The LG GizmoPal 2 is made by LG, one of the biggest brands in the electronic industry and supported by Verizon, one of the best in the communication industry, the collaboration of these giant companies saw the production of this smartwatch for kids packed with various functions.

Just like Apple smart watch for kids, this device can be operated by an app on your smartphone and it is compatible with Android 4.0 and iOS 7 phones and higher specs, LG GizmoPal 2 can be used to make and receive calls from only 4 contacts.

This GPS tracking smartwatch allows parents to monitor the whereabout of their kids and also include 10 seconds auto pick feature if your kid decides to ignore your call.    

The LG GizmoPal 2 is affordable and has been preloaded with games and educational activities. Its 9 day battery life, USB cable and charger power is to ensure it is not drained whenever it is in use.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

The HereO GPS Watch for Kids is one of the smallest GPS tracking devices and ensure parents can know where kids are all time, This Smartwatch is compatible iOS and android smartphones and alerts the parents when kids exit or enter the safe zone.

The hereO GPS Watch for Kids is not only waterproof but GSM and WiFi connectivity enabled, every buyer gets 6 months free with the built-in SIM card, after which periodic subscription is required for its GPS abilities.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

Tencent kid’s smartwatch features includes GPS tracker, Water resistant, Battery life for 8 days, 2G GSM connectivity and camera for taking photos and videos.

This smart watch, like most on this list, allows parents to easily locate their kids via GPS and communicate with through voice call and messages, its allows parents add 5 family contacts and 16 friends contact so the kid can also communicate with friends.

Tencent kid’s smartwatch is cool on kids due to its color and allow kids have fun times with their friends by sending voice message, taking pictures and videos and learning about weather.


Best Kids SmartWatches 2019

The Caref GPS Phone Watch is the final addition to this list, this model is not only safety conscious but also offers entertainment and education to kids, its Wi-Fi, GPS, and GSM connectivity options lessen parents worries with notification alert for 5 SafeZones. 

This lightweight design smartwatch ensures kids are not bored with functions such as games and other activities. It also allows kids to access 5 contacts for calls, however, Parents using Andriod and iOS devices can easily checkup on their kids at all times.

The best overall is the Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch, while the Fibit Ace follows closely as runnerup, for those who are looking for the best budget, Garmin Vivofit JR 2 should be your choice.