Ten Best Android Wear Apps 2019

The Android Wear smartwatches are capable of more than just telling you the time. That is the reason why these are called smartwatches. Eventually, the number of Android Wear Apps has also been increased, making the smartwatches even more useful and handy.

There are numerous options available for smartwatches in the market by different manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Moto360 etc. In addition, there are so many Android wear Apps available in the Google playstore which are compatible with almost all of the Android smartwatches. Here, we have compiled the list of the best Android Wear Apps in 2019 to make your Android Wear more useful. This list consists of the Apps on the basis of user experience and features.

Top Android Apps for Smartwatches 2019    

Find My Phone:

“Find My Phone” is a kind of a must-have App for your Android Wear. As the name suggests, it allows you to find your smartphone by making it generate sound. Having this App on your Android Wear, you can make your phone to start visual signals and audio, even if it is on the silent mode. Moreover, the App is free and pretty simple.


“PixtoCam” is an amazing App through which you can remotely access the rear and front camera in your smartphone and see the camera view. The app also allows you to adjust resolutions, zoom in and zoom out, plus the setting of timers. You can capture and record whatever your smartphone camera can see with your Android Wear smartwatch. Of course, it is a pretty cool App but we never encourage anyone to use for spying purposes. 


If you are a traveller, then “TripAdvisor” is another must-have app for you in your Android Wear smartwatch. The App provides recommendations about the surrounding restaurants, nearby museums and attractions, hotels and bars. In addition, this App also provides additional information about these places such as opening and closing hours, ticket prices, menus for restaurants and contact numbers. Without any doubt, it is a highly recommended App for your Android Wear.


“InstaWeather” is one of the top Android Wear Apps for in many countries on the basis of its accuracy and additional features such as allowing you to upload the pictures of weather conditions at the place you are and sharing it on your social media handles. Whenever you upload an image, you get a report which allows you to remember the weather condition of that place.


“Tinder” is a dating App which allows you to find people around you using the GPS. This App shows the picture of the male or female (as per your preference) and allows you either like by swiping right or pass by swiping left. If the person that you liked has liked you too, then you both will be able to chat with each other. The app is a very famous social dating platform to meet new people. Your profile and data that you enter remain public but you will not receive any message from the people you don’t like.

Feel the Wear

“Feel the Wear” is one of the best Android Wear Apps that allows you to identify the type of notifications with the vibration pattern, so that you do not have to look at your smartphone every time. You can set the vibration patterns for the specific notifications like receiving an SMS or email. However, to create a custom vibration pattern, you need to have the premium version. Overall, it is a great App which makes your Android Wears more useful.


We all need entertainment and for that purpose, gaming is one idea. “Invaders” is a great game specifically for Android Wears to refrain you to be bored. This game is basically an inspiration from the classic Space Invaders game. You just have to use one finger on the display to play this game. You are supposed to kill all the aliens with your fire shots before they reach the ground. It is a fun game and it also has sound. If interested, you can use your Bluetooth earphones or headset to enjoy the audio of the game.


Probably, its name might give you an idea that this app is about tweets, indirectly pointing towards twitter. “Tweechip” is a great app to read twitter tweets. Moreover, you can tweet, retweet, like the tweets and read your twitter notifications with ease. This free Android Wear App has a great user interface and it is perfectly designed for smartwatches.

Sleep as Android

“Sleep as Android” is another great addition to the list of Android Wear Apps. It has the capability to record your sleeping patterns and to wake you up with the sound alarm. Further, this App can automatically start recording your sleep talking and your snores. Unfortunately, this App has a price but it has a 2 weeks free trial which can allow you to test this app. It is also possible to sync the last sleep data from Pebble, Android Wear and Galaxy Gear.

Google Maps

Finally, we have the “Google Maps” App, which is mostly built in on Android Wear smartwatches. You might have it in your smartphone too, but having it on your Android wear is really a handy solution. You might not need to keep your phone in your hand in case you are trying to locate something or following a way on the map. The App uses GPS to locate you and can provide you with the directions either by public transport, driving, cycling or walking. The App also has an impressive user interface on the smartwatches and perhaps it is the best map App available on Android Wear till date.