Stark’s Kickstarter - Hybrid Smartwatch

We all think of smartwatches as an expensive gadget. In other words, we have to spend few hundred dollars out of the pocket to purchase a smartwatch. However, this fact is not applicable for all the smartwatches available out there in the world. Recently a kick starter program funded a brand-new smartwatch, which could cost less than $90.

The $80 smartwatch

When the news about $80 smartwatch was released, all the people started paying attention towards it. That’s because not everyone can spend a lot of money out of the pocket to purchase expensive smartwatches. But if they can buy a smartwatch for just $80, they will be able to achieve the dream of becoming the owner of a smartwatch.

This is a nicely designed smartwatch and it is totally worth for the price tag. It comes along with a 42mm case made out of stainless steel. The hands of the smartwatch are designed to glow in the dark. It has got a black coloured dial as well.

You will also be able to purchase the case of this smartwatch in stainless steel construction or with a black coloured PVD finish. The features offered by this Kickstarter smartwatch are impressive as well. It can help you to identify the number of calories burnt and the total number of steps you walk per day. It can even sync with Apple Health app. Moreover, it can help you to establish a healthy sleeping pattern by tracking your sleep throughout the night.

Battery life of the Stark watch

In this Stark watch, you will be able to discover Epson AL20 movement. Inside the product, you can discover two different coin cell batteries. One battery out of them is responsible for the movement of the watch. On the other hand, the second one is responsible for the smart features and sensors built in. When combined, you can expect a total battery life of about two years from this smartwatch.

Stark’s Kickstarter - Hybrid Smartwatch

Compatibility with the apps

The smartphone watch Kickstarter watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you will be able to sync it along with your existing smartphone or the tablet. It is possible for you to pair the smartwatch with the phone and take/ receive calls and manage SMS. On the other hand, you will also be able to access the safety features of your phone directly from this watch.

 A dedicated mobile app comes along with the Stark watch. It provides an intuitive interface, which you can use to understand the data measured by the in-built sensors of the watch.

Pricing and availability

This is one of the most affordable smartwatches available for your purchase in the market. You will have to spend only $80 to purchase the watch. However, the Kickstarter funding campaign is not yet finished. Therefore, the exact release data of the product is not announced as well. You can get it as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends.