Skagen Smartwatch Review: Skagen Hagen

Skagen is a Denmark based brand of Skagen Design Ltd. (a subsidiary of Fossil Group). They launched ‘Skagen Hagen Connected’ which is an analogue watch with smart features. With the launch of this watch, they officially joined the world of smartwatches.

The Hagen Connected Smartwatch is basically based on the Skagen’s Hagen which is known for its ultra-modern and sleek design.  Although the smartwatch market is saturated at the moment, the Hagen connected still has the potential to become a must-have thing considering its excellent design.

Smart Features:

The Hagen Connected has various smart features such as tracking your steps and water intake, music control and notifications of emails and text messages with vibration. It can also track your daily activities. Further, you can call, take photos, and control music through the buttons on the right side.  

Moreover, this watch has automatic time and date updates across different time zones. You can set your alarms. The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS.


It has a sleek and modern design. Being an analogue, the Hagen connected has an old school mechanical watch face with regular hour markers and indices. Its design is based on the Skagen Hagen. The additional feature is the presence of an activity tracking progress dial on its watch face which indicates the progress of your daily steps goals.

Skagen Smartwatch Review: Skagen Hagen

There are four different distinct designs. The bands are interchangeable. To purchase alongside the watch, different bands are available with leather, steel mesh and silicon.

Battery Life:

The Hagen connected doesn’t have a chargeable battery. It works with a regular button cell battery which lasts for around 8 months. In addition, the battery is user-replaceable and not a big ask like there is with HUAWEI and Apple watches for which you have to pay hefty charges.


The Hagen connected was made available in September 2016 at a price of $195. Now, different variants on Amazon are available for around $129 to $178. The price is competitive and certainly makes it one of the best choices for a smartwatch within this price range.