Pomo Waffle Kids Smartwatch

The colourful smartwatch which is specially designed for kids, Pomo Waffle is the first GPS wearable for children, which is capable of offering more than just telling the time. Of course, buying a smartphone for kids is never a good idea considering the fact that they are not mature enough to use such a gadget at an early age. However, smartwatches like Pomo Waffle which are specially designed for the use of kids are different and safer than smartphones.

The biggest advantage of buying a smartwatch for kids is its tracking ability. Parents can track their children if they are wearing a smartwatch. Since it is common for the kids to insist on their parents to buy a smartphone for them, smartwatches are the best alternative to make them happy.

The Pomo Waggle watch can be a good choice for parents with kids having the age of 3-8 years old. It claims to allow kids to understand responsibility, express creativity and develop healthy independence. This Pomo kids watch not only offers the GPS tracking but it also has additional features. Out of those features, it has an “In-Class Mode” which keeps the kid away for distractions while studying and the smartwatch displays things only related to studies.

Pomo Waffle Kids Smartwatch

In addition, another notable feature in the Pomo waffle watch is called “Take Me Home”. With the help of GPS, it gives the directions to home for children in case they are lost somewhere. Also, there is a ‘Smart Locator’ feature which allows parents to track the real-time location of their child. Moreover, there is ‘Safety Zone’ feature with which parents can set a boundary on the map to make sure their child remains within that permissible area and they will get notified if the child crosses the boundary limits.

Well, the features that we discussed are only beneficial for the parents. Now let’s talk about some other features which will be useful for the children. The best thing that Pomo Watch offers is the learning experience for the kids, which makes them responsible by trying to follow their schedules and be on time. The watch shows reminders to the kids so that they are aware of their planning. The kids, as well as parents, can also set goals for the kids and they will be encouraged to accomplish those. Another notable feature is the ‘Group Chat’ feature which allows the kids to have a chat with their family members and friends in a group.

This Pomo Waffle kids watch is although not an alternate for parenting to some extent it makes the parenting experience fun. To make this project a reality, around $90,500 have been pledged on the kickstarter campaign since 2017.