Nokia Steel Hybrid Smartwatches

Nokia bought Withings in 2016 and then completed the rebranding of the Withings range in June 2017. Afterwards, Nokia launched various products like Nokia Body scale, Nokia Go (Activity tracker for Kids) and Nokia Steel HR smartwatch.

Nokia came up with two Limited Edition hybrid smartwatches in 2017, known is Nokia Steel. This edition falls in the Nokia Steel smartwatch category. This model is a rebranded version of the Withings Activité Steel and looks as it is with a different name and fonts on the face of the smartwatch.

The Nokia Steel Limited Edition was launched with two colours. One is the Rose Gold with a grey or pink leather strap. The other one is the Full Black with a black or brown strap.

The Full back Limited edition variant comes with a contrasting silver activity progress dial and has silver hands. In comparison, the Rose Gold edition has a white face and rose gold case and hands. The face of the watch consists of a shiny steel case and curved glass top. The watch has the capability to track your steps and sleeping patterns. There is an accelerometer on the face which counts your steps and monitors sleep. It is a lightweight watch with a soft silicone strap. It almost looks like a non-smartwatch but a beautiful one.

Nokia Steel Hybrid Smartwatches

Nokia Steel is water-resistant to 50M, which allows you to keep wearing it while swimming or taking a bath. It does not come with a rechargeable battery but the battery life is around eight months with traditional watch batteries.

Overall, you can say that it is like a traditional watch with an additional fitness tracker. It is possible that you can find cheaper fitness trackers but the design will be nowhere near if compared to Nokia Steel. Moreover, you need to recharge the fitness trackers after a certain time but with Nokia Steel; you can use it whenever you want for eight months without worrying about battery life. Comfort-wise as well, Nokia steel is way ahead.

Nokia Steel Hybrid Price

Since Withings has bought itself back from Nokia, Steel Hybrid is available directly from the Withing’s website. The Limited edition variant with Full Black colour is available for $129.95 and the other limited edition variant with Rose Gold colour is priced at $149.95.

Other than Limited Editions, There are other variants also available with White or Black stainless steel cases which are available at $ 129.95. Moreover, there are some standard models also available with yellow and orange straps.