Nokia Smartwatch Review: Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

Withings are considered to be manufactures of the best Activité smartwatches. The company was acquired by Nokia in 2016 and Withings bought it again from Nokia after 2 years. Afterwards, they launched a new hybrid smartwatch device, Withings Steel HR Sport.

The new Withings Steel HR Sport is all about fitness. It comes with a heart-rate sensor and oxygen intake sensors for greater cardiovascular performance display and health metrics. Moreover, it has a GPS too, with which the outdoor running and route tracking can be done.

In 2016, Nokia also launched Steel HR. The Withings’ version is somewhat similar to that, however, there are some features which make it different from Nokia’s version.

The main difference between both is the GPS connectivity which is available in the Withing’s Steel HR Sport but not available in the Nokia’s Steel HR. The newer version has a different and much-improved dial. Although, the heart rate display still remains at the 12-hour marker and analogue step meter remains at the 6-hour marker on the dial. The Withings’ version has a sportier look with better hands and makers on the watch face. The Withing’s logo with a red‘t’ on the watch face also makes it look cooler. With the 40mm size of the case, it falls in the category of unisex smartwatches.

The addition of oxygen sensors lets you measure a new set of variables. With these sensors, you can get greater insight and metrics about cardiovascular health by allowing you to measure VO2 max and maximal oxygen intake. A much-needed feature for the athletes who can assess their aerobic endurance with it.

Nokia Smartwatch Review: Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

The Activité watches come with a coin cell battery. However, the Steel HR Sport has a built-in rechargeable battery. As far as the battery life is concerned, it can last up to 25 days with normal usage and up to 5 days with GPS enabled.

With Steel HR Sport, you have an option to customize your watch. You have two choices for the band which is silicone or leather. Further, there are two choices with straps which are black one (with grey or red vent holes) and a red strap with black vent holes. With dials, you can choose either white or black.


The Withing’s Steel HR Sport is available on the official Withings’ website and Amazon for the price tag of $199.95.

The standard version of the Steel HR Sport comes with a black silicone strap with either black or white watch face. For the additional customizations, you will be required to pay extra. For instance, the other colours with the leather straps are available for around $49.95 and with the silicone for $29.95.