Martian Smartwatch Review: Martian mVoice G2

Smartwatches are no doubt getting very popular due to the features it offers. But some people still prefer a watch with a traditional look. For those people, hybrid smartwatches are available in the market. One of them is the Martian mVoice G2 which gives a stylish and traditional look with smartwatch features.

Martian Watches are known for introducing the first smartwatch with voice control.  Mainly because of this reason, they have named it the Martian Watch. This Martian’s mVoice smartwatch has mechanical hands, regular watch indices and a couple of central displays. The display also notifies you when the AI assistant is listening to your voice.

Martian Smartwatch Review: Martian mVoice G2

Its two displays are very unique but the voice control functionality makes it more different and special. The AI assistant in the mVoice G2 can merge Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google and Cortana altogether which results in the smart voice control experience.  As a user, you have a choice to prefer which service you want to set as default from the Martian App. To activate the AI assistant, you can either rotate your wrist quickly or you can start it manually by holding the crown.

As far as design is concerned, Martian mVoice G2 has a classic design. Like traditional watches, it has numbered numerals and short indices. It comes with polished stainless steel. You have a choice to select rose gold or black case. It doesn’t look like a most stylish or one of the best-looking smartwatches but it impresses with the excellent build quality and long battery life (up to 60 days with the watch movement and up to 7 days with smart features use)

Moreover, it has an IP67 resistance rating. The rotating crown allows you to quickly scroll through 20 messages at a time and switch between the different displays. With two buttons above and below the crown, you can access settings.

Martian Smartwatch Review: Martian mVoice G2

Pricing and Availability

If the idea of having AI assistant like Siri, Google, Amazon Alexa and Cortona on your watch interests you, then the Martian mVoice G2 is the only option for you which has this unique feature. It is available on Kickstarter for $119. You can get 2 smartwatches for $220. It has already achieved its $30,000 funding target. Martian started shipping its smartwatch around April 2018.