Looking for the Best Smartwatch for your Kid? Don’t Forget to Notice Octopus

Octopus Smartwatch and its Features

Are you looking for a piece that can offer multiple advantages? When it comes to watches, children love to have them.  Octopus is a smartwatch designed for the children of age 3-8 years. Octopus is not just a simple watch in terms of features. It has multiple versions. The first version is for the youngest ones. It just shows the time in a digital way so that they might understand easily. The second version comes up with some extra features i.e. time with day and date. The third version is the most advanced one which comes with an analog clock. This is what it’s offering. You won’t be able to find a watch better than octopus for your children.

Why we call Octopus Smart?

When we say smartwatch, what does that mean? It means octopus isn’t just a watch and has something else there in it that makes it smart. If you care about your kid, you can send tasks to your kid’s watch through your smartphone. It can be hooked up with your phone. It can help you to put a routine on your kid’s whole day. For example, you can set a visual reminder on the watch that it’s time to sleep, eat, play, study and bath. It makes it interesting for the children to follow the instructions in that way as they love finding interesting things in their lives.

Octopus Smartwatch

Now, it is time to tell you the pro feature. There are no games that can distract children from their routine. So, you don’t need to worry about your kid that he or she is using octopus as a toy. It’s not a toy, it just helps them to follow the instruction given by you. You can call this an educational smart piece as well as it makes your kid regular and it improves behavioral issues of your kid.  It helps them in being more active and increases attention.

Where to find Octopus?

It is easy to buy it directly from the company or online at Kickstarter. You can have one watch if you have $59 pledge bags. $98 pledge bags you two octopus smartwatches. It is a very fair price when we see the competitors. Octopus has many features that other watches don’t have at this price. So, it is the best chance for you to get a piece that offers a lot for your kid at a very fair price.

So, if you want your kid to stay active for the whole day then buy him/her an octopus watch. This also helps you when you’re out for an office meeting or out of the city for work. Don’t miss this chance and show your love towards your kid by gifting him/her this octopus watch. Get it before it’s too late.