Kiwi Smartwatch Review: Line Kids Smartwatch

KIWI Plus is a software development company based in Korea. They recently got into a partnership with a Switzerland based company called U-Blox. The primary objective of this partnership was to start manufacturing kids smartwatches. That’s how the KIWI Plus and U-Blox have Created a Kid’s Smartwatch was created. The smartwatch was named as Line Kids Smartwatch.

The Line Kids Smartwatch is All About Communication

Inside the Line Kids Smartwatch, you can discover a powerful shipset, which is manufactured by the Switzerland based company. On the other hand, it also comes along with high speed HSPA mobile connectivity. Therefore, people who purchase this Kiwi smartwatch will be able to receive outstanding tracing features, which provide incredible accuracy. This can be beneficial for the parents. On the other hand, it can provide a great assistance for the kids to stay connected with their parents at all times.

The Line Kids Smartwatch is powered up with the IoT platform owned by KIWI Plus. In fact, this is an operating system based on Android. It provides convenient access to real time tracking. On the other hand, your kid can also receive the benefits of one-touch calling capabilities. It is also possible to pair two or more of the Line Kids Smartwatches. Therefore, it is possible for your child to stay connected with friends. They can make sure that they won’t get lost, due to the reliable communication and tracking capabilities offered by this product.

Line Kids Smartwatch

In the Kiwi watch, you will also be able to find the ability to send text messages through voice inputs. Therefore, your kids will not have to go through the hassle of typing messages on the small touchscreen. It is also possible to send out an emergency notification to the parents with just a single touch. Therefore, it can provide a great assistance for the kids to keep themselves away from danger. Due to the presence of accurate location tracking capabilities, the parents will be able to determine the position of the kids easily as well.

The looks offered by the Line Kids Smartwatch are impressive as well. This smartwatch has a glass screen. On the other hand, it has got an aluminum case, which provides durability and strength. The strap of the smartwatch is made out of silicone. It is possible for you to purchase the Kiwi watch in three different strap colors, which include pink, white and blue. It is a stylish looking watch, which your kid will love.

Availability and pricing of Line Kids Smartwatch

Line Kids Smartwatch is currently available only within Asia. However, the manufacturers are willing to expand the market to Europe in the near future as well. If the Line Kids Smartwatch is not yet released in your area, you will be able to go ahead and import a one. This is a product, which is totally worthy to import due to the impressive capabilities offered.