Five Best Smartwatches Coming Soon

Every single year, new smartwatches are being released to the market. If you are interested in purchasing a smartwatch in 2019, it is recommended for you to go ahead and take a look at the best smartwatches that were released in 2019. Then you will be able to get a clear understanding about the latest options available out there to try. Here is a list of some of the upcoming smartwatches 2019. If you are interested in any of these smartwatches coming soon, you can get ready to grab it as soon as it is released to the market.

Michael Kors Access Collection

Michael Kors Access Collection is one of the recently launched brands to the market. They introduced their very first smartwatch recently and it is one of the most anticipated products in 2019. If you want to purchase a highly functional Android smartwatch, it is one of the best options available out there in the market to consider. It comes along with two different versions, where one is designed for men and the other one is designed for women. It is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices.

Tissot Smart-Touch

Tissot Smart-Touch is one of the most exciting up and coming smartwatches in the market. That’s mainly because the face of this smartwatch is made out of a photovoltaic cell. It has got the ability to power up the entire quartz movement of the device and provide you with an exciting experience. On the bottom part of the Tissot Smart-Touch, you can discover a LCD readout. It can provide you with an indication of time and the notifications that come to your smartphone.

BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch

BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch is a futureproof watch that is available for you to purchase. That’s because you can keep on upgrading this smartwatch along with time. In other words, most of the upgradable features of the smartwatch are embedded into the wristband. When there is a new upgrade, all you have to do is to change your wristband. Therefore, you will not have to spend a fortune to upgrade your smartwatch on a regular basis. Some of the upgradable features that you can get out of this smartwatch include SIM card module, air quality module, fingerprint module, GPS module, heart rate module and flash memory module.

New Balance SmartWatch

New Balance Smartwatch is looking forward to introduce a new Android smartwatch to the market in 2019. Therefore, you can expect it along with the other upcoming smartwatches 2019. This will be a more sport focused smartwatch. That’s because it will come along with heavy fitness tracking capabilities, including in-built GPS. There is a heart rate sensor in the New Balance smartwatch as well. It will also come with built-in trainer technology in order to track the users.

Nixon Mission

Nixon Mission is not a smartwatch, which received a lot of attention. However, it is one of the most exciting smartwatches that you can expect to come out in 2019. This will be the very first ultra-rugged action sport smartwatch in the market. It comes along with highly powerful specifications. In addition to that, the Nixon Mission can provide a water resistance of up to 100 meters. The rounded AMOLED display is impressive and you can get a clear view of time from it at all times. It is recommended for the adventure lovers, such as snowboarders, surfers and skiers.