Epson Smartwatch Review: Five New GPS Smartwatches

Epson Company is well known for the scanners and printers it produces. They also know how to develop projectors, but most of the time, they are well aware of the production of large-format printers, scanners, and inkjet printers, etc. They are well specialized in the production of items specifically used in the office.

The company has never held back developing new gadgets. Including, the Moverio Smart Glasses were made into the announcement in the year 2011 and later in 2014, they developed the watch that had GPS systemized. However, that equipment met little success, but it showed that Epson knows how to produce wearing items as well.

Now as the company has launched five new GPS watches that we have assembled in these articles for you.

Epson Prosense:

Altogether, Epson has managed the launch of five remarkably new Epson smartwatches. The whole range is known to be Epson Prosense that comes round for the 17, 57, 307, 347 and 367 relating the smartwatches.

All of these smartwatches are based with GPS running slot that is most specifically developed for the fitness embarked market. However, the 17 and 57 are running whereas the other 307, 247 and 367 are named as multisport watches in the market.

Epson Prosense 17:

Epson Smartwatch Review: Five New GPS Smartwatches

This smartwatch is available in the market at $99.99. This is the most decent smartwatch in the whole range. It contains GPS and with that, it tracks the steps you take the speed with which you are moving and knows your calorie burn as well. It also has the best battery life in the whole genre, where it offers 13 hours functioning, no matter even if the GPS is turned on. You can have watched in the black, pink and green colors, as these are the only three colors available in the market.

Epson Prosense 57:

Epson Smartwatch Review: Five New GPS Smartwatches

This smartwatch is being retailed for $149.99. Wearing this on the wrist, you can examine your rate sensor. This smartwatch aids the athletes and sports enthusiasts with a new area concerning their workout schedule. This gadget also gives the enormous battery life capability, hence, it can continue functioning for eight continuous hours where its GPS is turned on. The smartwatch stock contains red, green and black watches.

Epson ProSense 307:

Epson Smartwatch Review: Five New GPS Smartwatches

This Epson GPS watch is available in the market for $249.99. It contains technological modifications that come with RouteSense and cardio sense and shows more immunity for the workout schedule on its EasyView display. It contains a much bigger battery life than the rest available. Epson Prosense manages the battery functioning for continuous 20 hours of the runtime where even the GPS on, the battery will not be negatively impacted. The availability of colors for Epson ProSense 307 is in white, blue and black.

Epson Prosense 347:

Epson Smartwatch Review: Five New GPS Smartwatches

You will have to give $349.99 if you are willing to buy Epson Prosense 347 to yourself. This device knows how to track you when you are running, cycling, swimming, and performing other life functions. It comes with a battery life of more than forty-six hours, and even if the GPS is turned on, the battery functioning will not get low. In this device, you may add VO2max, that might get advanced training consequence benchmark. This smartwatch is available in no color other than black.

Epson ProSense 367:

Epson Smartwatch Review: Five New GPS Smartwatches

This smartwatch is available in the retail of $399.9. This tops up the whole range. The offering of features and characteristics it manages is the same as ProSense 347. Apart from that, it comes with breathtaking and extremely capable durability and sturdy screen made of sapphire. The sapphire screen is utterly scratch proof. This Epson running watch is available in black color alone.

What are smartwatches?

Smartwatches contain smartphone-like capabilities. All the major mobile phone brands have introduced their smartwatches in the market.

How do they work?

They are useful for your daily activities. It displays notifications where you can get reminded with all the important events. The notification types differ. But depending on the credibility and quality of the Smartwatches, it is supposed to matter.

Smartwatches are supported with Applications. The ecosystem for the Apps keeps varying. Smartwatches are supposed for easy Media management. When being paired with smartphones, they become able to manage your playback media for you. With these Smartwatches, you are able to answer the messages in voice. They also contain GPS functioning and remarkable battery life as well.

Why are they important?

They are important as they take care of the various significant functions of your life. Many of them contain fitness tracking as a fundamental function. It manages the counting of your steps, your calories, the distance you traveled, your heart rate and pulse rate, etc. It tracks your sleep. They have the credibility to function what a Smartphone cannot. You can play music on them and stay connected. They monitor your activities and play the role of a travel buddy for you. They make you able to reply immediately to your text messages and make you capable to take your calls for you.