Casio Smartwatch Review: Casio WSD F30

Casio has always maintained an excellent reputation by producing smartwatches to the market. They were able to take their fame to the next level recently with the manufacturing of Casio WSD-F30. This smartwatch was considered as the most rugged smartwatch to be released to the market in 2018. It also came with an impressive battery, which could last easily for more than one week. To complement that, there was a 1.2-inch dual layer display as well.

The Casio WSD-F30 comes along with a 390 x 390 pixel color OLED screen. It is also paired with a power efficient LCD. You will be able to configure this LCD to turn on manually. If you are concerned about battery life, you should take a look at it. The OLED screen is in a position to deliver more than enough power to help you with your day to day needs. It delivers a sharp output as well.

The Casio WSD-F30 is powered up with Wear OS. You can get the latest version of the operating system installed on this watch. It comes along with many UI improvements and an enhanced notification center as well. In fact, Wear OS is advanced and rich in features, similar to the Watch OS that Apple has released.

This rugged smartwatch is a water-resistant produce as well. You will be able to get its water resistance for 50 meters. In addition to that, you will be provided with an array of extra features, which include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GLONASS, and GPS, altimeter, pressure meter and Accelerometer. Casio WSD-F30 can provide an excellent assistance to you with tracking and connectivity as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that Casio WSD-F30 doesn’t come along with a heart rate tracker. It is a common feature, which you can see in many modern smartwatches.

Casio Smartwatch Review: Casio WSD F30

The ruggedness offered by Casio WSD-F30 is guaranteed. Casio adheres according to the MIL STD 810G Military Standards when manufacturing this smartwatch. Hence, it can be considered as a perfect product, which can withstand day to day wear and tear. You will even be able to put the Casio WSD-F30 in your jacket due to its compact dimensions.

Along with this smartwatch, you will be provided with a range of outstanding apps as well. For example, you can get Glassy for water sports, View Ranger for navigation and Fish Brain for fishing. Likewise, you can also find apps called Ski Tracks for skiing, Zombies Run for fitness and Equilab for horse riding. Therefore, Casio WSD-F30 is a perfect smartwatch, which has been designed to impress the adventure enthusiasts.

Pricing and Availability of Casio WSD-F30

You will be able to purchase Casio WSD-F30 at a price tag of $550. Even though that’s expensive, you can get a range of impressive features for the amount you pay. You can also buy it in a variety of colors, which include black, orange and blue.