Casio Smartwatch Review: Casio WSD F10

Casio G-Shock watches have maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past for their rugged designs and outstanding performances. With the advancements in technology and the increasing popularity of smartwatches, Casio has been forced to create a smart version of the G shock. That’s where Casio G Shock Android Wear was created.

The Casio Android Wear is named as Casio WSD F10. The best thing about this smartwatch is that it has been developed according to military grade specifications. Therefore, you can get an enhanced experience out of the smartwatch. This is a 50-meter water resistant product as well.

Casio WSD F10

If you are looking for the toughest smartwatch available out there in the market, Casio G-Shock Android Wear is a good option to go ahead with. No other watch can offer the level of durability that you can get out of this Casio watch.

Technology Behind Casio G-Shock

The Casio G Shock Android Wear comes along with a 1.32-inch LCD display. It has a screen resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, which is quite decent. The display that you can see in the watch is vibrant. It has contributed a lot towards the ability of the watch to stand ahead from the competition.

Similar to the other G shock watches, the dimensions of G shock Android Wear are quite massive. In other words, it has a height of 15.7mm, width of 56.4mm and a thickness of 15.7mm. If you are looking for a slim smartwatch, this Casio Bluetooth watch would not be the best option available to consider.

In the G shock Android Wear, you can see Android operating system running. You can easily pair it with your smartphone, which runs on Android 4.3 or later or iOS 8.2 or later. Bluetooth 4.1 will be used to develop the connection. It is also compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Casio WSD F10

If you take a look at the sides of Casio G-Shock, you can discover some physical buttons. It includes a dedicated button, which can assist you to get to know about the current direction. Along with that, you can easily get a better understanding about the sunrise times and sunset times. You can also discover a separate button, which can be used to access the timer and the alarm functionality.

This is a power efficient smartwatch as well. With a single charge, you will be able to use the battery for more than one month. However, you cannot make the battery last longer when you are using all the smart features that come along with the watch, such as activity tracking. Many different watch faces are also available in the Casio Android Wear, which can help you to get a personalized experience at the end of the day.

Durabillity And Ruggedness Of Casio WSD-F10

The Casio G Shock Android Wear watch is a US Military Grade product. Therefore, you can receive an excellent level of ruggedness and durability from it .You will also be able to purchase this smartwatch in many different color options, including black, orange, green and red.