Casio Smartwatch Review: Casio G-Steel B100

The Japanese watch manufacturer Casio have over years make an impressive mark in their production of digital, analog, ana-digi and Smart watches. This has ensured their premium quality brand attracted lots of individuals all over the world.

The brand attempt to improve their market base and create a G-Shock Smartwatch that would be universally accepted irrespective of individual tastes and budget sizes saw introduction of Casio G-Steel B100. This G-Shock smartphone watch is loaded with lots of features while remaining one of the best and toughest G-Shocked to be manufactured by this brand.

Casio Smartwatch Review: Casio G-Steel B100

The G-Steel is a Special Edition model with all analog display, Tough Chronograph and Bluetooth equipped to link with smartphones.


This gadget boasts of high quality technological features. Although it doesn’t have a digital face like most Casio fitness watch, its tough Solar Power ensures power supply is never a problem and saves individuals the stress of charging, while guarantying device never need a battery change.

This innovative Casio G-Steel B100 engine module support bluetooth connection to Smartphones thereby allowing it performs certain functions like; automatically adjust the time with internet servers, using a smartphone app to adjust the alarm and world time settings. The Bluetooth connectivity features also enable Smartphone and Smartwatch Link and sync technology.

Casio Smartwatch Review: Casio G-Steel B100

The Casio G-Steel B100 exceptional dial indicator rotates to graphically indicate battery level, alarm settings or elapsed stopwatch time. It also offers access to current time of over 300 cities around the globe, automatic time correction to the watch and a Phone finder function for those who easily misplace their phone. This phone finder function can be easily used with the push of a button which allows your phone vibrate and give an audio alert for easy search.


The Casio G-Steel B100 masterfully crafted design makes it exceptional with layered guard structure for superior shock resistance, thanks to carbon fibre detailing. This model combines Torayca carbon fiber and Nanoalloy resin technology for a unique bezel design and also has a sapphire crystal and steel case.

Casio Smartwatch Review: Casio G-Steel B100


This smartwatch is built for durability, utility, performance and aesthetics finish. The hands and indices have improved illuminator coating and assures water resistance for up to 200meter, a feature most divers would appreciate and like to test.

The G-Steel B100 has three buttons on its right which is used to control alarm, stopwatch and timer while the last button perform special function such as sync button that connect the device with the Smartphone link mobile application and phone finder feature.


This model is available in several colors.

Pricing and availability:

The price for Casio G-Steel B100-1A rubber strap is around $320.00, while the GSTB100D-1A with steel bracelet cost $400 and the special edition Casio G-Shock G-Steel GSTB100X-1A is priced at $700.

This Smartwatch is available for purchase directly from the Casio website and through authorised retailers in the US and Europe.