A Good Alternative to Smart Watches: Chronos Disc

When you own a traditional watch that you love, then you will not find yourself desirous to buy yourself a smartwatch. However, considering the fact that smartwatches has a lot better and useful features and you might need them sometime. Now, you are having a solution to yourself where your beloved watch can be kept on your wrist and likewise it can track your activities; with the use of Chronos disc into it.

What is Chronos Disc?

Chronos disc is a new technologically originated device that is able to convert a randomly traditional looking watch into a modern smartwatch. You are just needed to install it in the back region of the wristwatch you wear, using non-magnet minuscule suction turnout. Then it becomes able to your activity tracking.

A Good Alternative to Smart Watches: Chronos Disc

The smartwatch disc has an unassuming design structure; it is constituted by means of stainless steel and sizes the same as a quarter. The disc has the diameter and thickness range of 3 mm with a personified rechargeable battery. The battery has a life of two long days where it can work without being charged. As well as, it contains a charging dock that enables you to have the disc attached to your watch even when it is getting charged.

When being worn, no one can identify a *Chronos watch separate from the watch that does not have one. After the installation of Chronos disc into it, the watch might look thick but that does not appeal a lot of notice considering that the original diameter has always been 3 mm. Now, you know that smart features can be added to your beautiful looking wristwatch that looks classy on your wrist.

What are The Features of Chronos Disc?

You can connect Chronos disc to your smartphone using its Bluetooth. It has a distinct application of its own, regardless; presently it is accessible on iOS 8.0+ whereas the Android support is going to be here soon.

A Good Alternative to Smart Watches: Chronos Disc

Once the setup is installed, you are able to course through your fitness and sleep. Your watch also becomes able to track calorie burn. You can control music and get known to the notifications in this way. It also enables you to receive or silence calls. You can get access to your iPhone camera with reference to this. However, when a new notification is received, you will get alerted with the vibration and lighting up.

Get Known to the Pricing and Availability and Final Verdict:

With Chronos disc, you can convert your casual wristwatch into a technologically modified smartwatch, and then you become fascinated when you look at your wristwatch performing the same features as any smartwatch does.

A Good Alternative to Smart Watches: Chronos Disc

However, you are instructed to keep this in mind that you cannot assume that it is so sturdy and go experience a swim with it. The minuscule suction that is attached to it is way too sensitive and you will have to avoid submerging it under water.

It is available in $99, and this pricing is a lot less than the obtainable hybrid smartwatches. Go to the official Chronos store or Amazon and buy yourself one. At this time, we recommend staying away from the third party maneuver.