Ten Best Apple Watch Apps 2019

If you compare the number of Watch Apps in Apple’s Appstore and Google’s playstore, there is a huge difference in numbers with Google being way ahead of Apple. It is because Apple believes in quality rather than quantity.

Apple’s App collection is full of great quality apps. Considering the fact that for the smartwatches, developers have to develop special apps keeping some factors in mind such as the screen size. Yet, you will find more than 19000 Apps for Apple watches in the App store.

Here, we have compiled a list of must have Apple Watch Apps in 2019.


Shazam is a great app for Apple watches. It is one of the World’s leading music and TV recognition Apps. While being connected to Wi-Fi, you can actually find a song or a TV show by using the microphone of the watch by allowing it to take the sound of a song or a TV show as an input. This sound will be compared within an online database and as a result, you will get what you were exactly looking for. Cool, isn’t it?


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms and fortunately it has a smartphone version available as well for Apple Watches. Stay updated about the new pictures of your friends and celebrities through Instagram directly from the Apple watch without taking out your phone. You can see the notifications, like and comment on the posts from your watch.


Without any doubt, Uber provides you with a valuable service. It saves you from driving, parking issues and traffic. Having it in your Apple watch will allow you to book and request a ride directly from it. The Uber driver will receive your location through GPS. However, the Apple App version doesn’t allow you to use extra features like uberPOOL and split fare.

Apple Camera Remote

Apple Camera Remote app is another Apple Watch’s pre-installed app. It is an amazing app which acts as a remote to capture images with your iPhone. You can view the image on the watch which will be captured from the iPhone. You can capture the image by using the immediate shutter option or the three-second burst option to capture a burst of images.  


By its name, you might have got the idea about what exactly this app will be about. It’s a handy app that can instantly translate words, phrases and sentences with voice recognition. You just speak to your watch and get the translation in the language of your choice. It is a built-in app in the Apple Watches and it is far better than the other third party translation apps.  


This app serves the purpose of a Digital wallet for you with which you can keep your debit, credit card details, your train tickets, concert tickets, coupons etc. Wallet comes preinstalled in the Apple watches and is a great app to serve the purpose of keeping the information in a digital way rather than keeping it physically. The app also allows you to pay with Apple Pay, which increases its importance further.

Map My Run

A smartwatch without a fitness app is incomplete. Map My Run is a great app for Apple watch and other iOS devices which can track the distance which you covered by walking, running or cycling. It gives you detailed information about your sessions which include your speed, distance, calorie burn etc. It also offers you to join its community of around 40 million people who have their activities public.

BBC News

To stay updated about the news and current affairs, you need an App like BBC News in your Apple Watch. It has different news categories. You can also set up the app to only show you the headlines of the news of your interest. The cool thing about this app is, there are no ads. You can stay alert and be notified about the news from the watch with this app without keeping an eye on the TV.    


Citymapper is a preinstalled app in the Apple Watches. It lets you know about the public transport routes and timings. With the help of GPS, it tracks your location and gives you the information about when and where to catch the next bus, tram or train. It provides the list of the next options in case you miss the first one or if you plan to depart late. You will be notified about your next step via vibration alert.

Apple Maps                            

Apple Maps is yet another very useful app. This comes preinstalled in the Apple watches and provides you with the navigation to the destination whether you are driving or walking. It is a handy app which helps you to reach the exact place where you want to reach, be it a restaurant, pub or any other place. It also shows public transport that can take you to your destination.  So you don’t have to worry about wherever you are and it will help you to be familiar with what is around you.